How Modular Break Rooms Can Benefit Your Business

Most businesses have a break room or a lunchroom where employees can recharge with some food, grab a coffee, or sit and chat for a few minutes. But if you don’t have the space within your building for such a room, you may want to consider a modular break room or lunchroom. These can be […]


7 Reasons Why Used Modular Buildings Make a Great Investment

If you are facing an expansion project, you may be considering many options. If you have settled on a modular building, you may ask yourself: should I go with new or used? While new sounds good, here are the many reasons why used modular buildings are a better investment. 1.    Labor and Supply Shortages Labor […]


Get Creative With Modular Press Boxes

As the owner or manager of a field, stadium, or rink for your local community, you may see the benefit in incorporating a press box for the media to sit in. Maybe you already have one but it’s falling apart and unsafe, or maybe it just can’t accommodate your needs any longer. In any case, […]


Top Shipping Container Conversions in Texas

From mobile offices and pop up restaurants to security booths and restrooms, shipping containers can be converted into uses that go far beyond cargo shipment. People have been coming up with unique and inventive uses for shipping containers and other similar modular units for years now. Check out the most popular container conversions in Texas. […]


3 Ways to Use Shipping Containers as Offices

The employment landscape has been evolving over the past decade or so, and especially over the last couple of years due to the pandemic. People are looking for a work-life balance that works for them. As such, more and more people are integrating offices within their homes so they can split the time between on-site […]