Conex Restroom Units

Our Conex restroom units are perfect for outdoor events, a large wedding in your backyard, or a business expo.  If you need extra restrooms on site that are mobile and can be erected quickly, Texas State Modular is the solution. Our Conex restroom unit is essentially a shipping container bathroom that can meet your short-term needs.

They can be used on industrial job sites, construction sites, and much more. Often, people think of unsanitary conditions when it comes to traditional portable toilets in these situations. However, Conex restroom units are spacious, clean and customizable. Think of them as comfort stations. They are constructed from modified Conex shipping containers, giving you a long-lasting, easy-to-clean solution.

Our Solutions

Our Conex restroom units can include fully operational HVAC systems and climate controlled spaces that provide your employees with much-needed break from the weather, or your wedding guests a sanitary place to powder their noses.

With all restrooms including private stalls and urinals to accommodate high-traffic times, rest assured our units can also feature motion-activated vent fans, indoor LED lighting, and photocell lighting to cut down on energy costs and boost energy efficiency.

For an easier cleaning process, our interiors include features that resist soiling and that can be hosed down to reduce cleaning time and related expenses.


Why Conex Restroom Units?

There are many benefits to our comfort stations.

Some of the benefits of the Conex Restroom  Units include: 

  • Easy, convenient access
  • Less downtime and improved employee productivity
  • Integration of highly-advanced security features
  • Uses standard flush toilets with plumbing systems, as opposed to portable toilets
  • HVAC systems keep restrooms at room temperature
  • Ventilation fans and flushing toilets help to control odors
  • Waste water is extracted from the container via standard plumbing rather than weekly pump out

Contact Texas State Modular

If you are interested in getting a Conex Restroom Unit then call Texas State Modular today! Texas State Modular serves customers in and around Dallas, Texas and Fort Worth, Texas. You can contact us at 214-304-3416.