Top Shipping Container Conversions in Texas

August 31, 2022

texas shipping containers

From mobile offices and pop up restaurants to security booths and restrooms, shipping containers can be converted into uses that go far beyond cargo shipment. People have been coming up with unique and inventive uses for shipping containers and other similar modular units for years now.

Check out the most popular container conversions in Texas.

1.  Storage

Storage is a top reason why so many people place shipping containers in their back yards or on their commercial sites. You can store pretty much anything in there, such as sports equipment, musical instruments, seasonal items, home décor, furniture, documents, artwork, mattresses and electronics.

2.  Restaurants and Bars

You’ve seen the popularity of the food truck trend on work sites and college campuses. Likewise, shipping container restaurants are also emerging in big cities with limited space and high rent prices.

3.  Pop-up Retail Shops

From boutiques and coffee shops to book stores and sunglass bodegas, pop-up container units are a cost effective and convenient solution for seasonal and mobile businesses that only need to be in one place for a short time. Examples can include sellers of Christmas ornaments in December, Halloween costumes in October and fireworks in July.

4.  Office Buildings

The new generation emerging into the workforce doesn’t want to be confined to a cramped cubicle farm for eight hours a day. Shipping container units can modernize corporate America, whether you need a single office in your backyard or a large complex of containers stacked on top of one other. You get more flexibility, privacy and noise resistance with this option.

5.  Swimming Pools

If you’re one to staycation instead of vacation, you may want to consider a shipping container pool. These can easily and cheaply be converted into an in-ground pool at a much lower cost than a traditional pool.

6.  Indoor Gardens and Greenhouses

It’s possible to fit an acre’s worth of fruits, flowers, veggies, and herbs into a 40-foot shipping container, so why invest a lot of money into a permanent greenhouse when you can just use a storage container? It can be modified with shelving and hydroponic components so you can grow fresh produce in any season.

7.  Toilets

No matter what event you attend, from a concert to a fair, there always seems to be a shortage of portable toilets. As the manager of an event such as these, you know you have to offer affordable, sanitary bathrooms to accommodate visitors, but cost is always an issue in getting enough units. Why not try modular units converted to restrooms to accommodate your patrons and guests?

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