3 Ways to Use Shipping Containers as Offices

May 31, 2022

The employment landscape has been evolving over the past decade or so, and especially over the last couple of years due to the pandemic. People are looking for a work-life balance that works for them. As such, more and more people are integrating offices within their homes so they can split the time between on-site work and work at home.

However, many people simply don’t have the extra space inside their houses to accommodate a separate space for remote work. One creative and alternative way of blending the office into the house is to convert a shipping container into a mobile office or office unit. These are even great for on-site offices such as for real estate agents or new construction sites.

Shipping containers as offices provide low-cost and convenient solutions to the work-from-home dilemma. But you don’t have to restrict their use to just labor. You can use them for creating art or for workshops.

Check out these three creative uses of shipping containers as offices, complete with extras and add-ons.

1. Backyard Offices

Working from home has its perks, but when you set up shop in the middle of a busy household, you may not get the privacy and quiet you crave to be productive. There has to be some kind of definitive separation between work and home life in order for you to feel balanced.

That’s why a backyard office is so ideal: it’s a practical way to get away from the chaos of the main household while still maintaining the option to be available for when the kids get home from school or you want to throw a load of laundry in. One add-on you should consider for a backyard office is the addition of large windows to get lots of natural light for the ultimate in productivity and creativity.

2. Art Studios

Artists need well-lit, open spaces to create their works of art and store their supplies. It’s easy to get the creative juices flowing when you convert a shipping container into an art studio in the backyard. Options for comfort include HVAC, electricity and plumbing, as well as sinks for washing. If your art form is photography, you will also need a separate area for a dark room.
Shipping containers offer perfect solutions for inspiration, no matter what your passion is (paint, sculpture, photography, etc.).

3. Workshops

Workshops require a contained, separate space, whether you’re a handy man, wood worker or mechanic. A converted shipping container allows you to store your tools and supplies as well as have enough space to work on your hobby.
Maybe you’re a writer who needs peace and quiet to create your newest novel. Or maybe you’re a crafter who sells her wares online. Whatever your situation is, a converted shipping container is a great alternative to an expensive leased office or warehouse space. Set up shop in your backyard and feel free to make customizations according to your specific hobby, such as shelving and storage space.

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