5 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Office

April 8, 2020

Having a small, purposeful workflow can significantly improve your productivity and comfort while on the job. Sometimes you don’t have a need for a permanent space, such as on a rotating job schedule, construction site or the like. A mobile office is a simplified version of the most critical tools to get your work done, with the ability to pick up and move if need be.

Here are five reasons why you could benefit by a mobile office.

1.    Easier Mobility

It stands to reason that the lighter and smaller amount of stuff you have, the more mobile you can be. You don’t have to pack up everything you need every time you go home or travel for work. Everything stays in one place, giving you a home base of sorts to rotate into and out of. For situations where mobility is extremely helpful, a mobile office holds many benefits.

2.     Fewer Distractions

If you used to work out of a corner of your home, or in a busy corporate work space, you know how distracting those spots can be. There’s always something calling for your attention: donuts in the breakroom, laundry in the bathroom, dinner that needs cooking. With a mobile office, you have your own contained space to concentrate and get your work done quickly and efficiently. 

3.    Increased Focus

By extension of #2, you will be less distracted, increasing your focus on the important task at hand. As a result, you get more done in the same amount of time. No long commutes taking up hours of your day, or co-workers pulling you from every direction, or reading a random magazine waiting for an appointment to show up. Just pull out your laptop and get some work done to fill in those gaps. 

4.    Better Work-Life Balance

With a regular office, your work and non-work life become separated, which may be good for some. But if you’re extremely passionate about what you do, your work is naturally part of your life. With a mobile office, you can better balance your work and non-work time. Work on your laptop on the couch with coffee in the morning, or get set up at your desk for a teleconference in the afternoon.

There’s no all-or-nothing with a mobile office. You are able to integrate work and personal time interchangeably throughout your daily schedule. Leave early one day for your kid’s soccer game, come in early the next to get a pressing deadline done. Your choice.

5.     Life, Simplified

When you trim your tools down to the essentials, you’re taking steps to simplify your life. Rather than being surrounded by countless choices of which gadgets to play with or which computer to use, as well as a ton of distractions (people barging into your office every two seconds or parties in the breakroom), you just need a few things to get your work done. A laptop, maybe some headphones and a printer, and that’s it.

In the end, a mobile office forces you to trim down your possessions and simplify your life.

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