Restroom Units

Whether you’re holding a fair, concert, wedding, or summer festival, you need a temporary solution when it comes to restrooms for your guests. You don’t want to construct new restrooms, as that would be cost prohibitive, plus, you only have a short-term need for such units and don’t need anything permanent. The solution? Modular or shipping container restroom units.

They’re quick to set up, can be used for a  short period of time and then taken down, and are most cost effective than more permanent solutions. Here at Texas State Modular, a locally owned and operated company, we specialize in custom built shipping containers, mobile offices, and modular fleets and spaces throughout the Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas areas. One of our specialties is restroom units.


Restroom Units Are Clean & Comfortable

Our Conex units are sanitary, comfortable, and completely customizable, perfect for construction sites and events of all kinds. Traditional mobile restrooms or portable toilets can be very unsanitary, leaving much to be desired in the cleanliness and comfort department. With our modular restroom units, you can customize yours with fully functioning HVAC systems and climate control systems to keep you more comfortable, content and refreshed, no matter what the weather is outside.

You enjoy lowered costs through energy efficiency and easy cleaning. Your restroom unit could include private stalls, urinals, motion-activated vent fans, indoor LED lighting, and photocell lighting to cut down on energy costs. This a win-win for your employees, guests, and visitors!

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